Negative Thought Patterns: Should Statements and how they can lead you to depression, anxiety, and stress

Negative Thought Patterns: “Should” Statements

“Should” statements are negative and unhealthy thinking patterns. Should statements are thoughts that you make to yourself about what you and others “should” or “ought” to do. We all have these “should” statements in our heads. At times, we tell ourselves things like “we should get started early on this project” or “we should do

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How to focus on the positive instead of only on the negative

Negative Thought Patterns: Mental Filter

Mental filtering occurs when you pick out only a negative aspect of any situation and dwell on only this negative aspect while filtering out all the positive aspects. When someone falls into the trap of mental filtering, they cannot see the big picture and can only focus on the negative details. Because more often than not they are not aware that mental filtering is happening, they conclude that the entire situation is negative.

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Jumping to conclusions: how it can lead to anxiety and depression

Negative Thought Patterns: Jumping to Conclusions can lead to Depression

Even though we may think we have an accurate perception of the world we live in, we can fall into certain negative thought patterns, or cognitive distortions, which are incorrect and unrealistic ways of thinking about the world. Because thoughts have such a huge sway on our moods and emotions, we need to be mindful

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Anxiety: Potential Consequences and why you should seek help

Potential Consequences of Untreated Anxiety: Why You Should Seek Help

In the United States, the most common type of mental disorder is an anxiety disorder. In fact, more than 18% of Americans experience anxiety in any given year. This includes panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Anxiety can keep you up at night and feel overwhelming at times. However, mental

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Renew & Revive Spiritual Group Sign Up

This Renew & Revive (R&R) group is a program established by the team at Fully Health to provide a comprehensive approach to address all our needs – physical, mental, and spiritual. Through attending these complimentary group sessions, you will learn about the good news of Jesus Christ and how God will intervene during our journey toward achieving healing and greatest potential.

All individuals 18+ are welcome to attend! You do not need to be a Fully Health client or patient to attend. This service is free of charge. Please note, these sessions are not a clinical service. You may come and go as you like. We would be happy to have you whenever you may be available to join!

Wednesdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm on Zoom

What to expect from R&R
– To deeply understand, believe, and enjoy the Gospel, and know who I am
– To be able to have any question answered without judgment. For example, “Why am I struggling so much even though I have faith?” and “If I seek psychiatric treatment, does that mean my faith is small?”
– To experience the ability to fight the spiritual battle in life, especially regarding mental health struggles around me
– If Jesus is the Christ who solved my fundamental spiritual problem that led to all the “bad fruits” of life, then He is the answer to any other problem (mental and/or physical) that I may face on this earth.