Frequently Asked Questions for the Oak Health Foundation

frequently asked questions for the Oak Health Foundation

What services does Oak Health Foundation provide? 

Oak Health Foundation (OHF) is a non-profit organization established to raise awareness about mental health and reduce stigma associated with it, as well as to decrease the prevalence of suicide by incorporating the best practices of mental healthcare with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

OHF provides resources to the community on mental health topics from experts in the field and training for those seeking spiritual integration in their clinical practices. We believe that true healing comes through faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. OHF promotes holistic care and education to serve those suffering from mental illnesses and address not only their mental and physical needs, but also their spiritual needs. Therefore, the organization sponsors the Fully Health clinic which provides gospel-integrated clinical care and subsidized treatment plans to those who have need. 

How is Fully Health different from other Christian counseling centers or organizations out there?

At Fully Health, we have psychotherapists, medication prescribers and clinical supervisors all dedicated to the training of how to journey with patients with the readiness to integrate Christian faith in their sessions. This approach goes beyond simply incorporating Christian principles and practices; it aims to understand mental health concerns from a Biblical, Gospel-centered perspective. Our educational resources provided through Oak Health Foundation also aim to look at mental health issues from a Christian lens and how to address the holistic needs of our lives.

What is gospel-integrated mental health care?

Gospel-integrated mental health care is an approach to healthcare that seeks to provide holistic care, addressing the needs of the mind, body, and soul. In this type of healthcare, our practitioners seek to apply evidence-based techniques to mental healthcare, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, while also integrating the Christian faith.

What does spiritual integration look like in the psychotherapy and medication management sessions?

Helping people find hope and healing for mind, body, and spirit is based on OHF’s philosophy of integrating the best psychological/psychiatric care with the client’s spiritual journey. Fully Health mental health professionals provide the expertise necessary for proper diagnosis and effectual change strategy. When appropriate, they will incorporate their Christian faith while accompanying clients wherever they are in life experiences with different degrees of challenge and difficulty. The spiritual journey is a process of integrating all of life’s experiences into a gifted relationship with Jesus Christ, who invites all of us into His life — the way of love and freedom in the world.

If I struggle with mental health, does this mean I’m not a good Christian?

A common misconception among Christians is that strong believers cannot have mental illness. They believe that if they are suffering from a mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, or PTSD, they are being punished for a sin. Nothing is further from the truth. Mental illness and dysfunction are an unfortunate reality all humans are subject to because of the broken nature of the world we live in. Our human bodies are not exempt from this reality. Just like any other part of the body can experience sickness, the brain can become dysfunctional as well. We are not designed to face our struggles on our own, and God provides help through community, mental health professionals, and medications.

If I struggle with mental health, can I heal it through more prayer and reading the Bible?

While we definitely encourage prayer, reading the Bible, and community, we also encourage seeking help from a professional sooner rather than later. Just like you would go to a doctor for a physical illness, you also need to go to a psychiatrist or counselor for a mental-related illness in order to complete the healing process.

When should I seek help from a psychotherapist?

If you’re experiencing emotional and/or behavioral struggles that interfere with your work or academic performance, negatively affecting your relationships, or just not “going away on its own,” meeting with a therapist or psychologist can be greatly beneficial. You might also just be feeling stuck about certain issues or circumstances in your life.  Acknowledging your struggle and receiving professional help can help provide healing and propel you toward your greatest potential.

How much does it cost for Fully Health’s services?

The session fees are competitive with the current average out-of-network rates for psychotherapy and medication management sessions. In addition, for those who seek more affordable services, we encourage you to inquire about the subsidized program and discounts that Fully Health can offer.

Does Fully Health accept insurance?

Fully Health is a non-profit, donor-funded mental health clinic providing services both virtually and in-office. At this time, Fully Health is unable to bill insurances directly. For the sessions provided by licensed clinicians, a “superbill” (or invoice) can be provided to request PPO insurance reimbursement. Oak Health Foundation continues great effort to raise financial support for the subsidization needed to provide the professional care that clients and patients need.

How can I get started on this journey of healing? 

For resources and educational materials about Christian-integrated mental health, be sure to visit our website regularly ( To learn more about Oak Health Foundation, you can email us at or call us at 949-669-4219. If you are a potential patient seeking mental health treatment and clinical services through Fully Health, please email or call (877) 55-FULLY.

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If you found our resources useful, please consider donating to Oak Health Foundation, which is a 501(3)c nonprofit dedicated to providing resources regarding holistic mental healthcare and subsidized treatment for those in need.

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Renew & Revive Spiritual Group Sign Up

This Renew & Revive (R&R) group is a program established by the team at Fully Health to provide a comprehensive approach to address all our needs – physical, mental, and spiritual. Through attending these complimentary group sessions, you will learn about the good news of Jesus Christ and how God will intervene during our journey toward achieving healing and greatest potential.

All individuals 18+ are welcome to attend! You do not need to be a Fully Health client or patient to attend. This service is free of charge. Please note, these sessions are not a clinical service. You may come and go as you like. We would be happy to have you whenever you may be available to join!

Wednesdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm on Zoom

What to expect from R&R
– To deeply understand, believe, and enjoy the Gospel, and know who I am
– To be able to have any question answered without judgment. For example, “Why am I struggling so much even though I have faith?” and “If I seek psychiatric treatment, does that mean my faith is small?”
– To experience the ability to fight the spiritual battle in life, especially regarding mental health struggles around me
– If Jesus is the Christ who solved my fundamental spiritual problem that led to all the “bad fruits” of life, then He is the answer to any other problem (mental and/or physical) that I may face on this earth.