Our Mission

Oak Health Foundation promotes mental health care integrated with the Christian faith for those seeking hope and healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Our foundation supports mental health clinicians in providing professional care while addressing people’s core needs to journey together in a transformative relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

We believe a relationship with Jesus Christ can help everyone triumph over despair and restore meaning in life and community.

What We Do

– Provide public education to raise awareness regarding mental illness and help lower stigma of therapeutic practices
– Promote holistic recovery from mental health issues in light of the Gospel
– Raise awareness about the prevalence and stigma around mental health disorders
– Network with leaders, churches, faith-based organizations, and mental health providers.
– Train and supervise clinicians in their professional development resulting in integration of mental health with the Christian faith.
– Achieve evidence-based methods through research studies and practice.
– Through Fully Health clinic, the treatment team makes a difference in people's lives with the comprehensive approach of addressing the whole person.

What We Believe

Oak Health Foundation is rooted in the Gospel. We believe that all the pain and suffering we experience in life are a result of the broken nature of the world we live in and because Satan (the devil) continues to attack our mind and body. Because of humanity’s fall and severed relationship with God, we experience physical and spiritual death on earth. The exceedingly good news is that God sent his son Jesus to come down and live among people to show and prove to us His unconditional love. Jesus lived on earth and went through immense suffering to save us from this spiritual and eventual physical death through his own death and resurrection. Because of this, there is no one who is better able to relate with all of us who experience pain and suffering. When we accept Jesus in faith as Lord and Savior of our lives, we confidently receive all His promises and blessings as His children. We believe that complete and true healing comes when we allow God into our hearts to address all of our biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual needs.


Kenny Luck

Lead Pastor Crossline Church

"As a pastor serving in South Orange County for over two decades, I have needed to form partnerships with mental health professionals I can trust to serve our ministry to individuals, couples, and families. Thank God for Dr. Esther Park, Dr. Mijin Park Psy.D. and the team of counseling professionals at Fully Health based in Laguna Hills. It is such a comfort to know that anyone we refer to Fully Health will receive top notch clinical services and help as well as strong support to pursue their faith as a part of the healing process. I am ecstatic to have them as a part of my "team" of elite helpers for those who are hurting and in need of true hope."​

Matthew Si

Former Pastor of Soul Care, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, Chaplain, 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF), United States Naval Reserve, Chaplain, Battalion 5, Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA)

"Dr. Esther Park and her team have been an invaluable and indispensable resource to our congregation and local community. We are thankful to God for their sincere commitment not only as mental health providers but also as a fellow believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as their expertise and effectiveness have been demonstrated with the careful way staff have cared for our referrals, so too has been their spiritual leadership evidenced in the Bible Studies/community groups and larger community engagements they have facilitated with a focus on mental health. I consider Dr. Esther Park, as do other pastors of care in the Orange County region, as a critically important therapeutic and spiritual resource for the kind of gospel-centered ecosystem of care that we envision, pray, and hope for as a larger Christian community."

Dr. Richard S. Park, D.Phil

Assistant Professor of Theology & Ethics at Vanguard University

"Dr. Esther Park and her team are an invaluable asset to the mental health field overall and to our community in Southern California in particular. With decades of combined experience as researchers and practitioners, the team at Oak Health Center serve as a robust, caring, seasoned group of healthcare providers. I could not recommend this clinic enough—and often do to friends, family, and students in the area. LA and Orange Counties, along with the surrounding areas, are blessed to have such a treasure in our midst."

Dr. Mariam A. Mott, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"I have known and collaborated with Dr. Esther Park for approximately 10 years. She has always impressed me with her knowledge, professionalism, and insight into her clients. I have also worked closely with one of her colleagues, Dr. Mijin Park, who is both a talented clinician and a caring human being. Oak Health Center is my first referral for clients who can benefit from their services because I know they will receive exceptional, caring, individualized treatment from Dr. Park and her Team!"

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Renew & Revive Spiritual Group Sign Up

This Renew & Revive (R&R) group is a program established by the team at Fully Health to provide a comprehensive approach to address all our needs – physical, mental, and spiritual. Through attending these complimentary group sessions, you will learn about the good news of Jesus Christ and how God will intervene during our journey toward achieving healing and greatest potential.

All individuals 18+ are welcome to attend! You do not need to be a Fully Health client or patient to attend. This service is free of charge. Please note, these sessions are not a clinical service. You may come and go as you like. We would be happy to have you whenever you may be available to join!

Wednesdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm on Zoom

What to expect from R&R
– To deeply understand, believe, and enjoy the Gospel, and know who I am
– To be able to have any question answered without judgment. For example, “Why am I struggling so much even though I have faith?” and “If I seek psychiatric treatment, does that mean my faith is small?”
– To experience the ability to fight the spiritual battle in life, especially regarding mental health struggles around me
– If Jesus is the Christ who solved my fundamental spiritual problem that led to all the “bad fruits” of life, then He is the answer to any other problem (mental and/or physical) that I may face on this earth.